The Snow Sisters

Builders, Texas Flip N Move

Toni and Donna know a thing or two about houses. These seasoned veterans have been flipping homes for decades. With a nose for a bargain and eyes for a gem, these spunky sisters love rebuilding homes with personality. Toni and Donna are the daughters of longtime Fort Worth home mover H.D. “Daddy” Snow. Together, the sisters possess an uncanny foresight to see houses not merely for what they are but for what they might become.

Latest News from the Snow Sisters

Asking For Advice

A lot of people keep asking me, “Toni, how did you get so good at flipping homes?”

And the truth is, that I made it a point to never stop learning from other people. Just because you have a little DIY in your bones doesn’t mean you can’t ask somebody for advice here and there.

Never Stop Moving

Meet Toni. Even while knocking out a historic home move she’s already setting up another!

Who is ready for Memorial Day weekend? 

Cause we’re feeling “Ruff- N- Ready” round here. We might need a bigger truck to transport all this food we’re gonna’ put on the grill.

Super Fans

Meet Susan and Tammy. They are two of our biggest fans. They won an auction at a watch party for an opportunity to ride along with us for a house move. Well get this, they showed up for the first day on the job wearing our all new Texas Flip N Move T-Shirts. Thank’s Susan and Tammy y’all are super fans. Keep on moving.

Almost There

It took awhile but in the end the Talbott-Wall home made it. 

Move Hits Snag

The move of the historic Talbott-Wall home down Samuel Avenue in Fort Worth has hit a snag. They have to give a tree a little haircut. 

Talbott-Wall House, Fort Worth 

You know its a big home moving operation, with a lot of people involved, when people have set up a tent to sell snacks across the street.

Quality Assurance 

HD “Daddy” Snow has a glass of coke resting on the frame of his rig.  Can he move the historic Talbott-Wall home in Fort Worth Texas, through the mud, without spilling a drop? 

Rain or Shine, There’s Work To Be Done. 

We’re out here in Fort Worth, Texas. And HD “Daddy” Snow has got the historic Talbott-Wall house on the truck. Oh did we mention it just started pouring rain? 

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